Pellux Network

Welcome to Pellux Network! Here you can access all of the services we have on offer. Please keep in mind some pages are intentionally inaccesible for private use. Scroll down to see what is available and also coming in the future.

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Pellux Mail

Email services are for private use only. Contact the admin for additional details. If you have an account already, related links and support can be accessed through the button below.

Note: Email accounts are seperate from Pellux Network SSO accounts which are used for most other services.

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Pellux Stream

Pellux Stream is a restricted service for watching movies and TV series. If you have the proper role, click the button below to begin.

Pellux Stream is currently in development, please check back!

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Pellux Cloud

Pellux Cloud is a public service allowing users to store and share files. Currently, there is no pricing. Just one free tier with 10GB of storage and access to all the other features of NextCloud.

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StringSage is a custom chart database for all of your favorite rhythm games. Supported games include BeatSaber, Clone Hero, OSU!, Rocksmith, and more!

Offering file storage and many other features, StringSage is THE place to go for custom charts!

StringSage is currently in development, please check back!

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